Héritage Monde




< Celebrating African Culture and Pride >

Héritage Monde is a brand that aims to celebrate African culture and pride through a series of, principally, creative and unique headwear designs.

“L’histoire ne Changera Jamais”

< History will never change > and so it will never change. We understand that there is a great part of our history that we have been misinformed of or even; have never been informed of our ancestors’ great accomplishments in the past. We, as a brand, pick our specific events, personalities and cultures that magnify the beauty of our origins.


Furthermore, the way we at Héritage creatively represent our message is, primarily, through the use of headwear. We strongly believe that headwear is useful and important element that is worn by a great majority of young people today; and through our creative and distinct designs we can be able to capture their eyes with an explicit or a subliminal message. A good example of this is our ‘Héritage Monde, Depuis 2019, L’histoire ne Changera Jamais’ headwear piece. By translating, history will never change, in French it opens an opportunity for curiosity and interest; to what it means to those who do not understand French and to those that do why we have incorporated such a phrase on our design. This partly fulfils our mission to communicate our philosophy and what we stand for. As well as that, our social media pages help us to further explain and transfer unto our audience our thoughts and reasoning behind the brand.

Our long term vision is to establish ourselves as the best black owned headwear brand and to spread our influence internationally amongst our communities and also others.